Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Quilt for Sweetie

Earlier this summer, right around the fourth of July, I started to get the itch to make another quilt.  This time a shirt stripe box quilt.  Or some riff on that idea.

I sourced fabrics from three different shops because no one seemed to have all of what I was looking for.  So annoying, because don't they know it's all about me? I mean, come on people!

And if I were a better blogger I would have posted daily with my progress.  With lovely snaps and witty commentary.  My lovely pile of fabrics.  Little pieces and blocks along the way. Ha! 

But unlike a hundred other projects I've begun this year.  I finished it!  How utterly astonishing is that?

We (me and the sweetie) went to Fisherman's Terminal to take a few snaps on a hazy morning in August.

This is a working terminal.  Not too many pleasure boats here.  It was very nice of the heron to pose for me.

And the back of the quilt.  A smidge less busy than the front.

I used a combination of linen, ticking, shirting, dress, and quilting fabrics on the front. 

I took over the floor in the sweetie's office laying this out for the better part of a month.  He carefully tiptoed around it as it grew larger and larger.

And looking at it everyday, he decided he liked this one and asked if it could be his.  Not one of the pile of all purpose quilts lying around the house for anyone to use.  His.

Of course!  It is just the right size to wrap up in to sit at the computer, read a book, or take a little snooze.

Ta dah...the sweetie's quilt.  And wasn't it nice of him to hold it over his head until the blood drained from his arms for the countless photos I took!  You betcha.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Paul's Quilt

I began this quilt shortly after Christmas. The batiks were purchased the day after Christmas at Eshter's Fabrics on Bainbridge Island.  Love this shop!

I had wanted to work with the Dresden Plate pattern, but something really fun.  Not too girlie.  Not overly traditional. So I used a black batik as the background fabric.

And I had this crazy idea for the back using some of the extra 'blades' from the front.  I love how saturated the colors are.

I used a wool batting.  I wanted this to be a super toasty warm quilt as it was going to a very special person.

It is a "lap/take a nap with room to tuck in" blanket.

I am especially fond of the back.  Seems like a party!

Because it always is!